Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So sorry it has been a while since I last updated. I have been trying to keep very busy and have not wanted to stay home alone to much, but I think that it is catching up with me. Karis has been doing really amazing recently, she is gaining weight like crazy and is having very long periods of time with her cpap off. Usually from around 9:45 am to 4 pm.  Mostly she hasn't been having many alarms with bradys or apnea except with feeding and she has always regulated herself quickly.  But today in the NICU was hard.  Before I even went I was having a hard time.  Today I have missed Judah a lot, I just kept crying and crying even before I went.  Plain and simple their is just a whole in my heart, I will always miss him and wish he was here.  Also, Clifford didn't go with me today for the first time in weeks and wouldn't you know it is the first time in weeks we got some bad news.  Right when I walked in I knew it was bad because they had the IV line in her.  I tried to get information from the nurse but our nurse today didn't speak any English. I understood the basics though. :(  Of course I started crying, I think this made them pressure Dr Homa to come and speak with me quickly.  So about Karis, during her blood check today they found her CRP elevated just a little, and looking at her WBC she is beginning to show signs of a bacterial infection. He said they believe it is due to her getting milk in her lungs, from having reflux.  I have seen her reflux a little and I even asked about aspiration the other day to the nurse but maybe she didn't really understand. So they have her on antibiotics and are giving her milk through a timed pump to make the fluid go in slower and more consistently. Also, her ROP eye test results weren't so great.  He said she has level 1 in one eye and level 2 in the other eye.  Now this scale is actually different than the one they use in America. Anyways needless to say my sweet girls really needs your prayers.  Please pray that this infection will have been caught early and won't turn into anything major. Also, for her eyes.  I know that a part of the reason Karis has done so well is all the people who are lifting her up in prayer.  Please keep praying praying praying. As for the good news, she is gaining weight like crazy as you will see from her pictures. She is getting close to three pounds already!
Taking it one day at a time over here- Danielle
This is my favorite snuggled picture of her recently. She just looks so peaceful here!
Yippy! I am 2 months old today.
In case you wondered if I am ALWAYS happy, Nope, I didn't even like my sweet outfit at first. But then....
I decided I was the cutest baby in the room with my new clothes!!  Thank you Ms. Masami for my special outfit with my name on it.  

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  1. So sweet! Can't believe it has been 2 months already since Betty posted in Hearts for prayer for you and babies. I am so sorry for your loss of Judah but maybe he is up in heaven playing with my little Joseph who I lost at 4 1/2 months. I will keep praying for little Karis.