Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sleeping over!!!

So sorry it has been awhile since I updated, I have been pretty busy with little miss Karis and trying to get things ready for her to come home.  I know many of you are wondering when is she coming home??  Is it getting close??  So I will start off with this (drum roll please.....) yep we still don't know!! I say that in jest, but it is getting a little old.  I guess we are learning God's ability to sutain us and give patience in a new way.  I do think we are getting close, I am hoping in the next two weeks but really they haven't given an answer.

Karis has gotten many of her test that she has needed to go home.  We haven't really heard anything in detail, I think we will have a big sit down before we get discharged.  Here is what I do know.  Karis has had an EEG (brain function) I believe every thing looked fine.  Also, she had a hearing test.  Her left ear showed some "problems" so they took her to a specialist.  They said her tubes or ear tissue are soft?!?  I am not sure what that means, but I am not teribbly worried. She had an MRI today, I walked with her and waited and then walked her back up.  I was a bit nervous about the sedative, but she was fine and waking up as we got back to the NICU.  Also, today she was seeing a doctor about her hemangioma ( we have an appointment to meet and talk today).  I am sure they will say wait and see...I have researched it a bit, there are options of different medications that sometimes work, but I am not sure we want to give her anything.  Sometimes I think I am just vain in wanting the spot to go away, I mean she is beautiful as is, but then again I don't want her to be teased or anything if it doesn't go away.  Also, I can't really explain to people here what it is, so there is that :(  Anyways  all of these test do mean we are getting close.

In big news, we got to spend the night on Saturday- Yay! Yay! Yay! I will get to that in a minute.  If you didn't know Wednesday October 31 was my due date.  I had really been thinking about how to spend the day, did I want to wallow and lay in bed and be sad.  I decided no, I have done enough of that in the last few months.  I decided since very soon Karis will be home and it will be winter and we are not supposed to take her out or be around a lot of people, so I will be stuck inside a lot. Anyways we decided to get up very early and go see the fall leaves.  It was a great time to spend with my love and remember our son.

Last week and weekend was very busy.  I had a baby shower with friends from work on Saturday.  Let me tell you it was so great. It was as cute as can be with owl theme and fall tastes!!  Pumpkin dip, spice cake..yummy, yummy!  Then we stayed with Karis at the hospital!!! So fun I just love being with her and waking up with her in the morning and at night even.  She woke up a lot because she gets tired when breastfeeding and then doesn't eat as much! Then she gets hungry.  Anyways by the 5 am wake up I was on tired Mama! She wasn't really hungry just awake that time so I woke Clifford up and they has some bonding time!  Such a great time to be with our girl and not have to leave.  And guess what we get to do it again this weekend!!!  Well overall I think we are just waiting for Karis to gain a few more grams.  She is up to 2300+ and at 2500 we will start talking discharge :)  Everytime I see Dr. Chiba I mention when can we come home.  I am sure he is sick of it but OH WELL :)  So everytime I ask he say, hmmmmm so hard to know.  But finally yesterday his answer was, hmmm maybe a week or two!!!! So YAY for us coming to the end for sure!  Well we are truly blessed and thankful for all your support and prayers and comments and gifts for little Karis.  What a joy she truly is <3 a="a" add="add" all="all" br="br" bunch="bunch" but="but" do="do" family="family" from="from" guess="guess" have="have" i="i" is="is" it="it" love="love" nbsp="nbsp" not="not" of="of" our="our" pictures="pictures" times="times" to="to" tried="tried" video="video" well="well" will="will" working...i="working...i" your="your">
Mama giving Karis a bath finally!!! She actually likes them but this one she was not a fan of:)
While trying to get a cute pic of the three of us, this is what we took! So funny, look at those cross eyes!
Well she is sleeping but cute none the less!

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