Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Week 22: "Getting Closer" - More Ways than One

   It's been two weeks since our last update.  I just want to let you know that bed rest stinks.  And the only reason that I know this is because I decided to take Danielle on a "jailbreak" from her house arrest on Father's Day afternoon.  Sometime during the day I threw my back out and then...
   Spent the next 3 days lying flat on my back--YUP, no work.  Our house began to accumulate more than its usual amount of mess, as I found washing dishes or pretty much moving anything to cause an enormous amount of pain.  That was last Monday-Wednesday, Danielle and I spent LOTS of time getting closer, laying around in bed.  By Tuesday afternoon, Danielle mentioned a sentiment that I began to understand.  "I'm bored..."  And I was only in bed for 2 days.  She's been on bed rest for more than 90 days...and "looking forward" to another 3-4 months. 
   This last week has been a tough week emotionally for Danielle.  As I returned to work, her having to deal with bed rest once again by herself and other concerns about what will happen in the future have been a source of anxiety.  Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, we know
God is truly our only source of comfort during this time. 
 As for updates on the babies:  When we visited the hospital today, we saw Dr. Suzuki, and after having our ultrasound we learned that Baby A is most probably a girl.  So, she's very healthy with 4cm of fluid in her sack.  She's a spry little one, Danielle feeling her kicks from two weeks ago.   And Danielle has been obsessed with them.  Danielle's recently began to feel some "other" kicks --very uncomfortable --and their source is Baby B, as he/she is resting right on Danielle's cervix. (No cushioning, remember) Baby A's head measured 22weeks 6 days (a full week ahead of schedule). We didn't get a heart rate this week, but last week it was 161bpm. Her heart and brain, lungs and bladder all looked good!
   Last week when we visited the hospital, Dr. Suzuki had told us that when baby A  measured 21 weeks, Baby B only measured about 17 weeks because its head was compressed.  Today, Baby B's head wasn't compressed in the ultrasound.  Its development is about a month behind baby A in terms of its head measurement (being at 19weeks and 3 days)  but Baby B has been moving.  And Dr. Suzuki was able to see that B's lungs were also visible, but very small--which could mean even if he/she makes it to delivery (apart from Divine intervention) there will be a struggle for B to breathe on his/her own.  But considering there is not a lot of water, which makes seeing things on the ultrasound hard, this is all a bit of a guessing game.
   As for blood work, last week, Danielle's CRP test was normal but her White Blood Cell count was still high, so the Dr. put her on more antibiotics (though he's switched the variety to avoid adverse effects from prolonged use).  We've finished the 22nd week and are getting closer to week 24 when hospitals consider babies to be "viable" and are willing to help them fight to survive.  Danielle might be admitted into the hospital as early as next week for continual monitoring for the rest of the pregnancy.  So, Dr. Suzuki is hoping that any and all infections that Danielle's had to fight will be gone, so that he can inject her with the steroids necessary to accelerate the babies lung development. (That's a Prayer Request).
    So, that's really all I can write about, and I apologize that this post seems a little cut and dry.  I do want to say thank you for your prayers and a word of thanks to our family in Christ who've come by and brought food and have even cleaned the dishes.  (You know who you are)  Glad for Family and Friends here and back in the States who are praying and sending us words of encouragement.  
Clifford & Danielle

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  1. THANKS Clifford for the update!!!! And you do not need to apologize for sticking to the point...I think you gave a wonderfully detailed report with great details! You are doing such a great job...writing the blog & supporting Danielle! Will continue the steadfast prayers for your family...waiting & anticipating that miracle, one day at a time. God fulfills His purposes even in the waiting, or should I say--especially in the waiting!