Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Hot Outside...

 It really is hot, and the AC in our car is broken--which really stinks.  Just a quick update on Karis:

        Her PDA opened up again, a few days ago and they've given her some medicine to help it close.  Hopefully it will shut completely as she grows older.   Her volume of milk intake hasn't increased for the last 4 days, but the NICU staff are aiming at 60cc of milk per feeding.  Right now, she is at 6.5cc.

      Her brain bleed hasn't resolved but the docs are fairly confident that it will. (It's not a serious brain bleed).  Her body weight had increased to about 623g a few days ago.  But unlike a NICU in America, the doctors were pretty much gone for the weekend, with the nurses left to take care of the babies (I'm quite sure many of these nurses are MORE than capable--but usually the doctors are the ones who can explain everything that's going on).  Pray that her milk intake will increase along with her body weight.

    The doctor told me a few days ago that if she's doing well enough, they hope to take her off the current ventilator and change her to a nasal CPAP before day 28.  Today is day 16.

  As our faithful readers know,  Danielle's parents are here and its been a good visit thus far.  They've only gotten to see Karis once, and Dr. C (the neonatologist - previously known as "doom and gloom", not so doom and gloom now) has said they can only visit a total of 2 times.  Please pray that we have favor and they can visit Karis MOORE :).   Thanks for all of your prayers and support.


               Clifford & Danielle

Karis' first storybook


  1. Love to you all, especially Karis Moore!!!!!!

  2. I am happy to see a bit of humor in your post! We are praying for Karis, and the rest of the family. God bless!

  3. This is good news, and yes, a grade 1 bleed is not a major issue usually. That is great news.
    I am hopeful that you will be able to get her onto CPAP, it is so much better for her but you will hate the apparatus that they use, it looks so awful (just a warning) :-)
    Glad to see the positioning aids, they are so wonderful. Hoping they are paying attention to her good posture! :-)
    Love you all, and praying for the best outcomes.
    Hugs to your parents and to you and Karis too.