Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's twins but wait....everything up to week 13

Well this is my attempt at starting a blog.  As many of you know I am not much of blogger or writer but with our circumstance, I think this will be easiest to keep friends and family updated. Since I am writing it out I would like to give the WHOLE story since this is my first entry, but you can skip to the entry where it says update if you want :)

Clifford and I have been married for almost 5 months :)  We got pregnant right off the bat, with twins non the less. Our due date is October 31. Not to happy about that, but at this point that date won't happen so no worries.  To say that this pregnancy has been turbulent would be true. Right from the beginning at about 3-4 weeks I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.  By 6 weeks I was VERY sick and EXHAUSTED.  So much for fun, cute newlywed wife.  Instead I turned into a sick , sleepy no fun prego wife.  My poor husband. Things were fine, we kept paying out of pocket to get ultrasounds from my OB everything looked great.

 Just like in America the OBGYN won't see you until a certain week. Well before we actually got to see the doctor, I had a major bleed at 9 weeks 4 days. Later that week I was diagnosed with a Subchorionic Hematoma , there was blood pooling by my uterus.  The doctor put me on bed rest and told me that is all they could do.  With having the SCH the chances of miscarriage increase greatly, they were also still concerned it could cause vanishing twin.  That is where one twin doesn't make it and is absorbed back into your body. So each week we went back and the babies continued to look good.  I had another major bleed but to be honest I am not sure maybe about two weeks later.  Well, by my13 week check up things were looking up, I was told I could do a little more to get my energy up.  My Hematoma was getting smaller and Dr. Suzuki said I would be able to go back to work by week 15 if things continued in this way.  This is also, why I posted our pregnancy on Facebook. Before this point I was just to scared and not sure I wanted to publicly share my pain if something happened.

On top of having a SCH I am one of those lucky people who is SUPER sick due to morning sickness. I am truly not to suprised beacuse my sister was the same way.  The catch is in Japan they do not believe in giving med to pregnant women.  When I say super sick, I mean throwing up violently for 7 hours and not being able to keep water down.  Again, where is the pregnancy glow?  I don't know I haven't had it yet. On one of these very sick days in the beginning we even went to the ER and they didn't even really want to give me an IV.  They told me to come back the next day if I was still sick and then they would do it.  Nope, I said I will take it now!  Luckily I have a sweet friend who is also pregnant here and she told me her sister sent her an ton of Unisom and that doctors in the US tell you to get it for MS.  She was so sweet she even sent me some in the mail.  Now this stuff is a LIFE saver.  I was still very very every day, but by using it at night I could force myself to eat a little each day.  To tell you how bad it has been, I am just back to the weight I was at 11wks.

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