Thursday, May 17, 2012

Old email Updates for 5/4 and 5/7

These are old updates that I sent through email, but I wanted to put everything in one place.  This way it is easier for me to keep track of what has happened.  Read them if you would like!

Update for May 4
      It's been a few days since we received the bad news from Dr. Suzuki.  After that, we returned to our apartment on Tuesday because there was nothing else the hospital staff could do to help us.  But even one of the Japanese nurses gave Danielle a big hug (which Japanese people generally do not do) as we left the hospital.  Anyways, we've been at our apartment for the last few days.
    It as a welcome change for Danielle who was becoming nauseated by the smell of seafood (which comprises most Japanese cuisine at the hospital).  Friends continued to stop by and visit us at our apartment.  I even got a chance to make a crock pot meal for dinner, because Danielle's pretty much on strict bed rest. 
  After coming to bed late last night, we woke up around 2:30am to Danielle having some sharp cramps and passing some blood, so we went back to the hospital in the pouring rain.  When we got there, the doctor on call confirmed what we'd feared--we're beginning to miscarry.  We stayed overnight and Dr. Suzuki met us in the morning (again, on his day off).  Basically, he said that a miscarriage would happen within the week, taking anywhere from 1-3 days.  The babies' hearts are still beating strong, and so even though it's been recommended to us take a pill to induce a miscarriage (something that is fairly common to do in Japan), we will not do it.  And so, we're left to a waiting game.
    It's been a long, tough, painful process.   We've heard stories of hope, and so a part of us is prayerful and hopeful that God can do a miracle (we're still praying so).  After all, man can only do so much.  But God is the author of life and can do anything.   Then there's another part that doesn't want the process of miscarriage to be long a drawn out one if that's what is going to happen.  Please keep us and the babies in your prayers.  So much is happening right now.  Thank you all for your concern and your prayers so far.  We know that God is indeed for us and not against us, that He'll never leave or forsake us, that He loves us deeply with a steadfast and everlasting love, and that He has a plan--regardless of the outcome.  Thanks to those who've visited us and reminded us of these things.

                  Clifford & Danielle

 Update 5/7
 Dear Friends,
  I am writing to let you know what has been happening with us.  On Monday we had a regular check up.  But before I get to all that I want to share a little miracle with you! 
  Oh how God takes care of us and lets me know HE is in this and knows MY needs!  I don't know if I have really mentioned this but I have been very, very sick with morning sickness since around week 6.  So much that even before my SCH or I was told to be on bed rest, I would just lay in bed until work , really struggle to get through the day and they lay in bed right after.  So really my battle with this pregnancy started very very early on. I keep wondering where is my "pregnancy glow"?  I think I left it in the trash can where I have been getting sick (yuck!) Well a friend of my who is also prego here in Japan told me about Unisom, originally is was a morning sickness drug but it made women very very sleepy.  Well I research it and many OB's in America recommend it if you are having severe MS.  So she sent me some because she had more than enough.  Oh thank the Lord it took the edge off enough in the beginning that I could force feed myself a little. A couple of times I have tried to see what would happen if I did not take it and it always resulted in hours of throwing up and not even keeping water down.  Well, my I was running low and my sweet sister offered to send me some more.  You can never quite now how long a package will take to get here, but we were thinking a week and a half would be enough.  This past Saturday, I ran out.  So I know not having it to take Sunday night would make life very hard on Monday.  All weekend Clifford and I were praying the package would come ( sometimes they deliver on Sunday here??)  Anyways by Sunday night I knew no luck!!! My sickness was impending until the package arrived, as the doctors here have assured me they have no meds to help with this kind of sickness for prego women.  So, at about 8 pm a friend of mine  who lives here called and asked how I was.  I proceeded to tell here how I was going to be so sick starting Monday since I had no more Unisom.  What she said you need Unisom?, my husband has a TON of that here!  I will be over in 5 min.  And with that she came over and gave me a new box.  Now I know her call was not by any means a coincidence. This little miracle was God's way of letting me know, I AM HERE WITH YOU DANIELLE AND KNOW JUST WHAT YOU NEED! It has encouraged me this week so much.  If God can provide me some little pills in such an amazing way, how much more can He do?  

Ok on to the check-up.  Well they did a full work up which took 3 1/2 hours- geesh it was a LONG day!  
Blood pressure-fine,
Weight- down 1/2 lb- considering I think I have lost at least 10 lbs since I became pregnant not great in my opinion. 
Blood Work- elevated white blood count -sign of infection, this might be TMI but I am praying that it is due to a yeast infection from all the antibiotics I have been on.  Please pray for this because it is truly the key for when I get off antibiotics.  Pray whatever infection is in my body that it goes away.  Once I am off the meds, which will be in more than a week, if there is still an infection then it will most likely cause me to go into labour.   

Babies- my sweet angels!
Baby A- Well as you now the sac had leaked but not all the fluid is gone.  There are different pockets of fluid that measured at different sizes.  My doctor said he is concerned about anything below 2cm, although from what I have read online anything below 5 cm is considered to low. Not sure what to think about that ??? Well around baby A there are different pockets of different sizes- 1.4 , 1.8 and even up to 2 cm.  The doctor said at this point it is not the best but better than no fluid.  We got to hear the heart beat (I could listen to that all day) and it was in the 170's.  All of the baby's growth is on track good size skull and femur. Total growth 15 weeks and 2 days.  Also, we could see fluid in the bladder which is very good!  Dr Suzuki looked to see if we could see the sex but no dice, legs closed shut!
Baby B- sadly still no improvement as far as fluid for my sweet angel.  But the heart is still beating and was in the 150's

We are so great for all your prayers and support. They are felt even all the way around the world. No doubt this time is so difficult and not ideal but God is still here with us.  I have decided at some point this week I will start a blog.  If you know me you know I am not very good at blogs but I figure there is no difference in that and writing these emails.  I will email you a link when it is up and running. Please continue to pray for us all.  I still wonder how God will us this situation to His Glory, but am praying that he would be glorified. And that our faith will be a witness to the doctors and nurses especially. 

Psalm 118: 5-8
When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord; he brought me into a spacious place. The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? The Lord is with me; he is my helper.  I look in triumph on my enemies. 8 It is better to take refuge in the Lordthan to trust in humans. 

Danielle & Clifford

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